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초보맘의 영어교육 길라잡이

제목 아이와 얘기할 때 외워두면 유용한 표현 작성일 2008-08-22

스크랩하기 현재페이지 인쇄

Look at this page. 이 페이지를 보렴.
There are lots of (animals/bugs/flutes) here. 여기에 동물들이 많이 있구나!
Should we find out what they are called in English? 영어로 뭐라고 하는지 알아볼까?
What animals did you see in the book? 책에서 어떤 동물들을 봤니?
What color are the animals? 동물들은 무슨 색깔이니?
What animals do you like best? 어떤 동물이 가장 좋으니?
What are they doing? / What is animal doing? 무엇을 하고 있니?
Where is doggie? 강아지는 어디에 있니?
What happened to next? 다음에는 무슨 일이 일어났을까?
I can’t wait to see. 무척 기대되는구나!
What do you think the penguin will do? 펭귄이 무엇을 하려는 걸까?
Have you ever taken the train? 기차를 타 본 적 있니?
Have you ever seen a penguin? 펭귄을 본 적이 있니?
Have you ever been to the park? 공원에 가본 적이 있니?
Have you ever eaten a pizza? 피자를 먹어본 적 있니?
Did you ever hear of Santa Claus? 산타클로스에 대해 들어본 적 있니?
What kinds of animals did you see there? 거기서 어떤 동물들을 보았니?
What did you see there? 거기서 무엇을 봤니?
What did you do there? 거기서 무엇을 했니?
Who is a character? 주인공이 누구니?
What is the problem? 어떤 문제가 있었니?
What were the problems characters in the story? 주인공에게 생긴 문제점은 무엇이었니?
Why did the author write the story like this? 작가의 의도는 무엇이었을까?
How did he feel? 그는 기분이 어땠을까?
Why did they do? 그들은 왜 그랬을까?
How would you like to end the story? 이야기가 어떻게 끝났으면 좋겠니?
What did you think about the story? 이 이야기에 대해서 넌 어떻게 생각하니?
What did you feel about the story? 이 이야기를 읽고 난 느낌이 어떠니?
How did the story start? 이야기가 어떻게 시작했니?
How did the story end? 이야기가 어떻게 끝났니?
What was the funniest(favorite) part? 어떤 부분이 가장 재미있었니?
What part was excited(sad, funny, scared)? 가장 흥미로웠던 건 어떤 부분이니?
That my girl /boy! 역시 내 딸/아들이야!
That’s the girl/boy! 장하다!
Atta girl/boy! = That’s the girl/boy의 구어표현
Way to go! 옳지!
I’m so proud of you! 네가 자랑스럽구나
You’ve made it. 해냈구나!
Keep up the good work. 앞으로도 계속 잘하렴!
You made my day.  / You brightened up my day. 네 덕분에 내 기분이 좋구나!
Come on, let’s try this way. 자, 이렇게 해보자.
Don’t give up. 포기하지 마.
Try it again. 다시 해보자.
Much better / You did so much better! / That’s quite an improvement. 훨씬 나아졌구나!
We can do better next time. 다음에는 더 잘할 수 있을꺼야.
Show me good behavior
Show me how you’re wonderful
Could you be more wonderful, please?
Self control!
Show me your manners
Behave yourself, please.
I didn’t hear you the magic word.
What’s the magic word?
Are you hungry, aren’t you? 배고프지?
Let’s have something to eat. 밥 먹자!
Wash your hands first. 먼저 손을 씻으렴.
Dry your hands with the towel. 수건으로 닦아야지.
Bon appetite! = Good appetite!라는 뜻의 프랑스 어로 영어에 자주 쓰인답니다.
Let’s try this. 자, 먹어보자!
Open your mouth and say, AH~ 아~ ?보렴.
Is it delicious? / Do you like it? 맛 있니?
How does it taste? 맛이 어떠니?
Eat slowly and chew well. / Take time eating and chew well. / Chew your food thoroughly.
__천천히 꼭꼭 씹어 먹으렴.
Don’t gulp down. 꿀꺽 삼키면 안되지.
Do you want some water? 물 좀 마실래?
Finish the food on your dish. 깨끗이 다 먹어야지.
Sit up straight. 똑바로 앉으렴.
You should not play with your food. 음식 가지고 장난하면 안돼.
Stop dropping your food down! 음식 좀 흘리지 마.
Did you have enough? / Are you done with it? 다 먹었니?
Would you like to have some more? 좀 더 먹을래?
Do you want something else? 다른 거 줄까?
When you finish your meal, you should say “Thank you for the delicious meal, mom.”
__다 먹었으면 ‘잘 먹었습니다.’ 해야지.

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